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Committed to delivering products and end-to-end solutions for clients in
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The stability of network applications relies on that of the data center infrastructure. Yimikang offers a wide range of data center infrastructure equipment, catering to the needs of medium to large-scale data centers and edge data centers, ensuring highly reliable and energy-efficient operating environments. This enables customers to maintain long-term and secure online operations for their businesses.

The company offers an extensive range of cooling solutions encompassing air cooling, water cooling, chilled water, dual-source air-cooled chilled water, dual-source water-cooled chilled water, dual-coil chilled water, heat pipes, fluorine pumps, indirect evaporative cooling, and fresh air cooling. From cooling units to indoor terminals and condensers, and spanning room, row, and cabinet-level cooling, it accommodates the needs of large-scale data centers as well as small and micro-sized data center applications. As an early domestic independent brand in the precision air conditioning sector, it delivers efficient, energy-saving, and reliable all-encompassing cooling products.

As 5G and IoT technologies advance, more edge scenarios are emerging. Yimikang's YiCloud S/R series delivers essential edge computing infrastructure through an all-in-one design, featuring pre-assembled cabinets, power distribution, cooling, and monitoring systems. This compact solution allows for rapid on-site installation, guarantees product quality, and adapts to diverse environments, catering to customers' remote operation and maintenance needs.

The YiCloud C micro-modular data center offers adaptable configurations based on site-specific conditions, utilizing either dual-row cabinets with cold/hot aisle layouts or single-row cabinets with cold/hot aisle layouts. Both layouts can integrate all subsystems, including cabinets, passages, power supply and distribution, cooling, security, environmental monitoring management, and wiring according to user needs, providing customers with a new type of data center solution that is rapidly deployable, energy-efficient, space-saving, and flexible to expand.

Additional YMK Critical Equipment Solutions:

Special air conditioning for precision environments

Micro-modules and intelligent cabinets

Metro air duct cold source system