S Series Single Row MDC

With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile internet, traditional data centers face many challenges such as long construction cycle, high initial investment, low efficiency under low load, difficult expansion under high load, poor management and efficiency, which make it difficult to meet the high-speed growth demand of businesses.
S Series Sinle Row MDC is a new generation of small-scale, intelligent, micro-modular indoor data center solutions. It integrates cooling, power distribution, batteries, UPS, monitoring, cabinets, and other systems into a single unit. The cold and hot aisles are integrated within the cabinet, saving server room space. IT cabinets can be flexibly expanded to meet customers' rapid deployment and flexible expansion needs, helping them achieve fast launch, flexible capacity expansion, and efficient operation in business.

Performance & Features

·Highly integrated All-in-ROW design, incorporating cabinets, power distribution, cooling, and management subsystems;

· Expandable by cabinet positions, with a single module supporting up to 12 cabinet positions;

·Single cabinet power design of 3-8kW;

·Utilizes high-efficiency rack-mounted UPS and rack-mounted power distribution box design;

·Column-level cooling method, with air supply and return on both sides, close to the heat source;

·Integrated monitoring and management system for 7x24-hour intelligent management.


·Cooling, power distribution, and monitoring systems are pre-integrated into the cabinet system, with cold and hot aisles integrated within the cabinet. This allows for efficient on-site assembly and deployment.

High Availability

·UPS, backup batteries, and power distribution provide a reliable and continuous power supply system

·Fully enclosed design protects against dust, toxic gases, and electromagnetic interference

·Precision air conditioning and emergency fans, ensure reliable cooling

TCO Saving

·Saves space, reduces supporting investment, shortens construction time, and improves energy efficiency.

Simplified Maintenance

·手Mobile app, SMS alerts, remote web platform monitoring, and unattended operation;

·abinets equipped with casters for easy relocation;

·One-stop after-sales service.

Application Scenarios

Server rooms with an area of 20-40 square meters; larger financial branches, tax offices, retail outlets, small and medium-sized enterprises, commercial retail net, and telecom operator outlets; indoor cabinet-level server rooms; GB50174 B or C construction standards.