Large Data Center Operation and Management Solution

"High management efficiency for low management costs" is the core management goal for large data center operators. And their management action plan is integrating various "information silos" to create a unified monitoring and management platform, on which all monitoring, process management, and report output tasks will be accomplished to ensure the sustainable operation of data centers. "Quickly discovering and locating problems for prompt troubleshooting" are the working principles for operation and maintenance managers of large data centers. These approach allows for faster problem detection, location, and resolution, achieving automated, intelligent, and integrated management of data centers, and significantly improving the management maturity of data centers.

By deeply understanding the needs of large data centers and sorting out their business processes, Yimikang Loncomip provides a complete, easy-to-use solution with low learning costs and quantifiable support for operational decision-making. This solution helps improve automation management levels, save labor costs, and greatly enhance resource management efficiency and service quality.

Performance & Features

Centralized Monitoring

The manage area is so accurate that the equipments' Information in each computer room is covered, providing a centralized and automated management;

Real-time Data Collection

Precise data gathering, and timely feedback on monitoring issues;

Comprehensive Record-Keeping

Cross-regional and cross-type asset management with associated relationships, providing accurate data for rapid troubleshooting;

Process Control

Full lifecycle asset management, flexibly adapting to customer's needs and workflows;

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Precise service notifications, standardized communication and collaboration mechanisms, enabling the efficient handling of the business processes;

Performance Benchmarking

Comprehensive statistical report output, and intelligent energy-saving algorithms, providing extensive data support for operations;

Diverse Compatibility

Providing standard external interfaces, seamless integration with other businesses, high-performance cluster architecture, and support for online horizontal scaling;

Fast Delivery

Modular architecture design, independent deployment and upgrades between modules, meeting diverse customer needs;

Application Scenarios

Suitable for large-scale data centers and extensive network monitoring and management scenarios