Planning and Design

YMK is a leading design service expert team in the industry, with over 20 years of rich design and construction coordination experience. They provide compliant, rational, and harmonious planning and design services for a large number of complex and challenging engineering projects, laying a solid foundation for the strategic development of their clients in the future.

Data Center

·Infrastructure planning for data centers

·Process design for data centers

·BIM simulation in data centers

·Balance and coordination of various technical disciplines

ECC Command and Control Center

·Acoustic design for command centers

·Aesthetic and optical design for command centers

·Enhancing efficiency through human-centered and functional work environments

Intelligent System Integration

·Low-voltage intelligent design

·Centralized, efficient, and convenient management of various intelligent subsystems

Exhibition Center

·Multimedia system planning and design

·Comprehensive integration of multiple systems

·Creating diverse exhibition center designs with a multi-dimensional approach

Digital Planning and Design for Data Centers

Leveraging cutting-edge digital techniques, we assess data center infrastructure and precisely analyze and forecast IT demands for the next 3-5 years, translating IT infrastructure needs into design requirements for essential data center elements like wind, fire, water, and electricity. By employing BIM technology in conjunction with AR/VR during the conceptual design phase, we create a "what you see is what you get" experience, enabling clients to visualize the final outcome of the data center from the outset.

ECC Design
  • Overall Site Planning

    It includes site decoration and renovation, implementation of mechanical and electrical systems, large-screen display systems, and command hall console systems, providing a safe and reliable operating environment for ECC

  • Functional Layout in Line with Processes

    The seating layout of the ECC command hall is designed according to the management requirements of the central control center and the operational processes, ensuring that the physical environment aligns with ECC's organizational structure and workflow (1 functional separation, such as IT and infrastructure; 2 identification of matters that should be centrally managed, such as fault handling, centralized operation, and centralized scheduling)

  • Control Process & Hardware Automation

    Control logic is proposed to the hardware environment based on event management, such as switching of large-screen systems, background audio switching, and lighting control system switching