Smart Control Center

Yimikang Intelligent Engineering offers design and construction services for smart control centers, encompassing more than ten subsystems such as interior decoration, architectural acoustics, power distribution, scene lighting, air conditioning, security, display screens, control consoles, conference multimedia, conference audio, centralized control, and communication networks. Focusing on data centralization, Yimikang builds centralized, networked, specialized, and intelligent command centers to assist clients in comprehensively enhancing their management and control capabilities.

  • Human-Centered Design

    ·The principles of ergonomics are followed to create comprehensive solutions that integrate architectural acoustics, visual analysis, and optics.
    ·Blending technology and architectural aesthetics into corporate culture to elevate company image.

  • Efficient Decision-Making

    ·Highly integrated shared platform for streamlined data analysis.
    ·Intelligent conference systems for real-time interaction and efficient collaboration.
    ·Modular, diverse, and customizable screen displays for facilitated command and decision-making.

  • Rapid Response

    ·Seamless communication systems, swift data aggregation, and efficient command distribution.
    ·High level of information integration, centralized release of information and commands for efficient decision-making.
    ·Prompt instruction response for efficient troubleshooting.

Successful Cases

Hebei Mobile

Tianjin Mobile Airport Network Management Center

China Southern Power Grid

Guangdong Mobile GSM Building

China Mobile Communications Group Gansu Co., Ltd.

China Telecom Cloud Computing Inner Mongolia Information Park