AI Energy Optimization Solution

Leveraging AI technology and HVAC expertise, the solution integrates multiple aspects such as building automation, power, and power environment monitoring to achieve precise, dynamic, on-demand cooling, centralized management, optimal control, and automatic adjustments for the cooling system. This effectively reduces the energy consumption of the cooling system, ultimately lowering the overall PUE index of the data center.

Performance & Features

Advanced Technology

Utilizing internationally advanced, mature, and pragmatic technologies to build a forward-looking technical architecture and AI algorithms, ensuring long-term technological leadership;


The system features openness and compatibility, and supports interconnectivity and seamless integration with third-party systems or services, meeting the platform requirements for multiple energy management objectives;


Adopting mature, stable AIoT platforms and AI algorithm models to ensure the robustness and reliability of the software system;


Professional point design, high-precision sensing equipment, and rational data governance to achieve accurate energy consumption insights and energy efficiency analysis;


Supporting modular business function expansion, online smooth upgrades for facility monitoring, resource management, planned operations, process sheets, and other business services.

Application Scenarios

Suitable for medium to large-scale and ultra-large-scale data centers using water-cooled or air-cooled chilled water systems