Data Center Operation and Maintenance Robot

Intelligent operation and maintenance robots integrate a series of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, AI algorithms, and big data analysis to achieve multi-dimensional data collection, fusion, analysis, and decision-making. They possess a range of intelligent capabilities, including three-dimensional environmental perception, autonomous planning and navigation, remote control interaction, and intelligent guidance. These robots can replace manual labor in performing daily tasks in data centers, and use technology to improve operation and maintenance activities to ensure high availability of data centers, and enhance on-site operation and maintenance efficiency.

Product Value

  • More standardized, refined, and efficient inspections

  • Applying artificial intelligence technology for efficient data center management

  • Deep integration of human-machine interaction, creating diverse operation and maintenance management

  • 24/7 continuous inspections, freeing up time for operation and maintenance personnel to focus on high-value tasks

Product Structure