iADU-S Intelligent Space Management Unit

The iADU-S Asset Space Management Unit enables real-time collection, detection, aggregation, and uploading of refined data information through technical means. This transforms the traditional business model based on manual labor plus information systems, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of data center operation and maintenance management.

Product Features
  • 1 Unified U-level Asset Management

    The iADU Asset Detection Unit enables unified management of data center U-level space resources, allowing real-time monitoring of occupied and available U-levels in each cabinet. This provides data support for asset adjustments and medium-to-long-term resource planning, effectively improving U-level resource utilization. It is estimated to increase the utilization by over 20%, avoiding resource waste and repeated purchases, as well as enhancing ROI.

  • 2 U-level Asset Positioning and Searching

    The iADU Asset Detection Unit allows customization of U-level indicator light colors and statuses to represent U-level states, including facility failure status, capacity preoccupation, available capacity and other information. By using the iADU Asset Detection Unit, resources and equipment can be quickly located and their information details can then be displayed.

  • 3 Timely Asset Information Reporting

    The iADU Asset Detection Unit enables the detection of and alarms against non-compliant asset operations. When non-compliant asset is added to or removed from facilities, the system can immediately send automatic alarm notifications to management personnel, ensuring not only the smooth and effective progress of maintenance activities but also the security of assets.

Deployment Architecture