D Series Dual-row MDC

With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile internet, traditional data centers face many challenges such as long construction cycle, high initial investment, low efficiency under low load, difficult expansion under high load, poor management and efficiency, which make it difficult to meet the high-speed growth demand of businesses.
Yimikang's D Series Dual-row MDC solution adopts a modular design that integrates data center infrastructure subsystem such as cabinet system, aisle system, power supply and distribution system, air conditioning system, and monitoring system. This new type of data center provides customers with fast deployment, high efficiency, energy saving, compact space, and flexible expansion to effectively meet customers' demand for efficient, reliable, fast, flexible, and intelligently managed data centers in the cloud era.

Performance & Features

·Highly integrated All-in-Room design, incorporating cabinet channels, power distribution, cooling, and management subsystems;

·Various deployment options with single/double-row enclosed cold/hot aisles, supporting up to 48 cabinet positions in a single module;

·Single cabinet power design of 3-8kW, with support for up to 14kW;

·Utilizes high-efficiency modular UPS and intelligent precision power distribution design;

·Row-based cooling method, horizontal airflow, close to the heat source;

· Integrated monitoring and management system for 7x24-hour intelligent management;

Fast Deployment

·Standardized components, de-engineering, and overall delivery;

·Factory prefabrication and pre-commissioning, plug and play on site;

·Matching on-demand and rapidly expanding capacity according to business development;

Convenience and Reliability

·Productization of data center infrastructure to reduce the impact of construction processes, and to improve system reliability;

·Product-level factory inspection to obtain higher quality assurance;

·Strong adaptability, suitable for various on-site conditions;

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

·An efficient power supply and distribution architecture, as well as the cooling methods being close to the heat sources, effectively lower the module PUE value;

·Enclosed aisles to isolate hot and cold airflows, eliminating ineffective airflow circulation and local hotspots;

·Coordinating the operation through module integrated management to effectively improve the performance of functional module components;

Application Scenarios

single module can be flexibly configured to fully cover different high and low-density requirements ranging from 20-300kW;
The single module can be used in spaces smaller than 100 square meters or deployed in large server rooms with multiple modules;
It allows for modular, on-demand expansion and phased construction. These solutions are widely used in industries such as finance, telecommunications, internet, government, education, healthcare, and more.