Next-Generation Data Center Construction Capabilities

Yimikang Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. can provide clients with professional services at every stage, including consultation, planning, design, construction, and testing. By adopting leading tools and methods from both domestic and international sources, Yimikang ensures the smooth progression of data center projects at every stage, helping clients build safe, reliable, green, and advanced next-generation data centers.

Full Lifecycle Solutions for Cloud Computing Infrastructure

The construction of a modern data center mainly includes the following aspects: decoration, power supply and distribution system, air conditioning and fresh air system, building intelligence system, lightning protection system and fire protection system. Each system project is composed of a number of subsystems, and each subsystem is composed of a number of individual projects. It is these indivisible individual projects together form a complex data center organism.

  • Consultation Services
  • Planning and Design
  • Engineering Construction
  • Commissioning and Testing
Next-Generation Data Center Construction Capabilities
  • Organization and technical capabilities

    ·Top-level professional qualifications.
    ·Advanced planning concepts.
    ·Professional technical team.
    ·Standardized drawing standards.
    ·Comprehensive service system.

  • BIM+VR technology

    ·3D rendering for promotional displays.
    ·Collision detection to reduce rework.
    ·Quick quantity calculation for improved accuracy.
    ·Precise planning to minimize waste.
    ·Virtual construction for effective collaboration.

  • Prefabricated construction

    ·BIM modeling for precise positioning.
    ·Accurate material preparation and clear labeling.
    ·Automated welding for aesthetic craftsmanship.
    ·Unified deployment and on-site assembly.
    ·Rapid delivery to ensure project schedule.

Successful Cases

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