Data Center Turnkey Integration Services

Utilizing systems engineering principles, methods and viewpoints, our data center turnkey integration services offer effective planning, decision-making, organization, control, and coordination management for data centers. We provide clients with the on-site in-depth design, the procurement and installation of products and equipment, the project management, and the post-construction services. Through systematic and scientific management, we assist clients in achieving high-quality, efficient, and timely completion of data center infrastructure projects.

Data Center

·Architectural decoration

·Power supply and distribution system engineering

·HVAC system engineering

·Low-voltage system engineering

·Fire protection system engineering

ECC Command and Control Center

·Decoration and renovation engineering

·Electrical and cooling engineering

·Low-voltage intelligent engineering

Smart Park Integration

·Data Center

·Network construction

·Building management system

·Intelligent System Integration

Intelligent System Integration

·Integrated wiring system

·Network construction

·Security system

·Building management system

We can offer you the following value experiences

·With national registered constructors and international professional project management certification, our experienced project management team combines systematic and scientific management to ensure the safety, quality, and timely completion of engineering projects;

·Our team of experts made up of national registered engineers in various professions, all with over 10,000 meters of design experience, ensures that clients' design plans and ideas are realized;

·We maintain a neutral service attitude to provide the best and most suitable products for clients while ensuring project quality and effectively reducing investment costs;

·Our data center services cover the entire lifecycle, consider clients' post-construction maintenance during project implementation and create convenient conditions for future maintenance;

·With nationwide service organizations and a professional after-sales service team, we provide fast and efficient after-sales services for our clients.

Customer Benefits
  • Standardized and modular construction reduces operational complexity

  • Comprehensive and timely post-construction services

  • Rational and efficient control of project costs, quality, and duration