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Service Solution Upgrades

Efficient EC Fan Energy-saving Solution

The indoor fan of the computer room air conditioner runs continuously throughout the year, and its energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of the total energy consumption of the air conditioner. Replacing the indoor fan of the precision air conditioner from AC fan to EC energy-saving fan can achieve good energy-saving effect. Yimikang's EC fan energy-saving retrofit service solution adopts external rotor EC motors, which feature high intelligence, energy efficiency, performance, long service life, low vibration, low noise, and continuous operation.

Intelligent Dual-Power Energy-saving Solution

The Fluorine Pump Energy-saving Air Conditioning Retrofit Solution is a novel energy-saving technology for air conditioning systems. By adding a fluorine pump module to the existing air conditioning refrigeration system, the compressor refrigeration system can be shut down during winter when outdoor temperatures are low. Instead, the fluorine pump energy-saving refrigeration system is activated, utilizing natural cool sources to achieve high energy efficiency. In the transition season, based on the fluorine pump pressurization and direct expansion refrigeration technology, the innovative fluorine pump and compressor coupling operation technology is used to improve the energy efficiency of the refrigeration system.

Precision Hotspot Elimination Solution

Traditional computer room air conditioning layout is unreasonable, airflow distribution is uneven, and cold and hot air are affected by various factors, resulting in low air supply efficiency, which will cause local hot spots or over cooling phenomenon. Precise hotspot elimination solution is based on the separation of cold and hot aisles, providing a way of delivering cold air at a fixed point and quantity, precisely adjusting the cooling capacity of each cabinet, delivering more evenly and efficiently, improving the cooling effect and energy saving rate of the computer room equipment.

Silent High-Density Modular Outdoor Unit

Yimikang's Silent High-Density Modular Outdoor Unit Solution features ultra-quiet fans with high air volume and low noise. The large V-shaped condenser design offers an extensive heat exchange area and a more rational layout, effectively improving heat exchange efficiency. The modular design allows for convenient transportation, on-site disassembly, assembly, and adaptation to various environments. The compact unit footprint addresses space constraints, while high-precision speed control and real-time pressure detection smoothly adjust fan speed, ensuring stable system operation and energy efficiency.

Dual Cooling Source Solution

Yimikang's Precision Air Conditioning Dual Cooling Source Retrofit Solution adds a water-cooled/air-cooled condenser to the existing precision air conditioning system. In the event of a failure in one cooling system, the air conditioning system can automatically switch between the air-cooled and water-cooled condenser systems. The air-cooled and water-cooled condensers serve as backups for each other, enhancing the reliability of the cooling system and ensuring the safe operation of the data center.

Cold and Hot Aisle Isolation Solution

Traditional data centers lack cold and hot aisle isolation, causing cold air to return to the data center air conditioning system without entering the server cabinets. This results in a mixture of cold and hot air and significant waste of cooling capacity. For data center renovations or equipment upgrades, micro-module cold and hot aisle isolation technology can be adopted. Yimikang's Cold and Hot Aisle Enclosure Solution arranges two rows of cabinets facing each other, with the front sides facing each other and the exhaust sides facing each other, forming a closed cold and hot aisle. This effectively addresses uneven cooling within the cabinets.

Silent Energy-saving Outdoor Unit Solution

Yimikang uses micro-spray evaporation cooling method to lower the air temperature at the inlet of the outdoor unit's condenser. This reduces the operating condensing pressure of the compressor refrigeration system, addressing issues such as high pressure during high-temperature seasons, elevated outdoor unit noise, and high energy consumption.

Intelligent Group Control Solution

Yimikang's Intelligent Group Control Solution enables data center air conditioning group control through its proprietary platform system. By employing airflow organization, polling, primary and backup, stacking, on-demand, averaging, unidirectional autonomous and other logics, as well as variable frequency technology, the solution achieves energy-saving optimization.