Data Center Energy Saving

Yimikang Intelligent Engineering plans different energy-saving technology options and categories for the energy-saving industry chain of data center. It coordinates data center servers, air conditioning equipment, electrical equipment, and other devices with management software applications; fully utilizes natural cool sources, waste heat recovery, and energy storage technologies to reduce energy consumption and achieve carbon neutrality of data center.

Natural Ventilation Cooling

·Direct introduction of outdoor fresh air

·Cold and hot aisle isolation

Indirect Evaporation Cooling

Energy-Saving Coil Wall System

MoCloud indirect evaporative cooling unit

Return air pre-cooling technology

·Return air wall system

·Backboard system

AI Algorithm for Chilled Water Systems

·In pursuit of the lowest PUE, dynamic control is exercised through expert systems and machine self-learning to achieve optimal performance.

Airflow Organization and Management

·Utilizing CFD technology for simulating airflow patterns and heat dissipation capacity

·Optimizing layout to eliminate hotspots.

Equipment Energy Efficiency Upgrades

· Yimikang Technology Group's fluorine pump and compressor variable frequency technology are applied for upgrading and retrofitting outdated systems, ensuring high efficiency and convenience.

Application of CFD Temperature Calculation Software

By using specialized air conditioning software and CFD simulation programs, computational fluid dynamics technology can simulate the data center environment. This allows for the evaluation of environmental parameters throughout the entire data center, quantifying airflow patterns and cooling capacity within a visual model. Based on these insights, the plan for optimizing cooling capacity can be recommended, and the data center's ability to support IT infrastructure can be verified.

Alternative Energy-saving Strategies
  • Layout

    Adopt unique architectural structures;

    Place electrical equipment, such as data center servers and air conditioning equipment, close to the IT load center to reduce energy loss during transmission;

  • Electricity

    Implement effective compensation for the electrical power system and eliminate harmful interference;

    Use SVG compensation combined with active filtering equipment;

  • Equipment

    Choose high-efficiency equipment to reduce energy consumption;

    Examples include amorphous alloy transformers and intelligent lighting systems;