Small and Medium-sized Data Center Monitoring Solution

The small and medium-sized data center infrastructure monitoring and management system solution is based on Loncomip's years of experience in this sector. With centralized monitoring as the management goal, it achieves a closed-loop monitoring service for data collection, processing, alerting, storage, and display of small and medium-sized data center infrastructure, ensuring safe and stable operation. By processing monitoring information to drive management and decision-making, it enables timely and efficient operation and maintenance, ensuring the availability of small and medium-sized data centers.

Performance & Features

Situation Control

Fast and accurate data collection, comprehensively grasping the operational status of data centers;

Timely Response

Well-developed alarm mechanisms, flexible alarm strategies, and diverse notification methods;

Intelligent Applications

Intelligent applications empower infrastructure monitoring and enhances overall operational efficiency;

Convenient Interaction

Based on infrastructure objects and business construction perspectives, offering various interaction methods and experiences;

Application Scenarios

Small and medium-sized data centers (200m² or below) monitoring and management, enclosed cold/hot aisles monitoring and management, data center regional monitoring and management, and localized monitoring management for networked monitoring sites