C Series Container MDC

Yimikang's C Series Container MDC is an advanced prefabricated integrated outdoor data center infrastructure solution, primarily designed to support information equipment and provide a stable, reliable, and energy-efficient operating environment. This solution is suitable for various industries and scenarios, meeting the needs for green energy-saving and rapid deployment of data centers, and supporting edge computing. Module J system - Yimikang Intelligent Container is an integrated container data center. This product is prefabricated in the factory, resulting in a standardized and highly adaptable outdoor server room solution. It integrates cabinet systems, power distribution systems, cooling systems, monitoring systems, system wiring, security, fire protection systems, and server room decoration, forming an independently operating unit with effects like excellent waterproofing, earthquake resistance, anti-theft, and damage protection. The integrated container is generally available in 20 or 40-foot standard containers or custom sizes, incorporating power distribution, UPS, batteries, cooling, IT, monitoring, security, and fire protection systems. It supports one utility power line and one diesel generator line, meeting the GB50174 B and GB/T 36448-2018 standards.

Performance & Features

Fast Deployment

· The subsystems, including the cabinet, power distribution, cooling, fire protection, server cabinet, and power environment monitoring, are all prefabricated and tested in the factory before being shipped as a complete unit;

·Engineered Product, with no need for a building structure and a high degree of product integration, allowing for on-site installation to be completed in just one day, providing a plug-and-play solution;

·Supports rapid relocation and flexible deployment.

High-Efficiency and Intelligence

·High-efficiency integrated UPS modules, air-cooled variable frequency row-level air conditioning, enclosed cold and hot aisles, insulated and heat-retaining cabinet, resulting in low PUE;

·Micro-monitoring intelligent management system supports 3D visualization, full-link monitoring, and U-level asset management;

·Local PAD and mobile app support, remote SMS alarms, and unattended server room operation.

Safety and Reliability

·Complies with national standards GBT36448-2018 General Specification for Container Data Center Infrastructure and GB50174;

·Standard IP55 protection level (IP65 optional), anti-theft, earthquake resistance, fireproof, effectively protecting property safety;

·Reliable system operation, reasonable airflow organization, no hot spot issues; automatic air conditioning detection and early warning;

·Fireproof materials within the cabinet, comprehensive fire protection system monitoring, and early warning to minimize losses.

Application Scenarios

Outdoor Scenarios;Enterprise: Small-scale data centers;Government: Smart city data centers, safe city data centers;Education: University/research institution data centers;Energy: Production/exploration site data centers;Finance: Backup data centers;Transportation: Airport/rail/port/highway/water conservancy projects with no server room scenarios;Telecom operators: Small-sized IT server rooms.