Networked Monitoring Data Center

To address the challenges of geographically dispersed data centers, difficult management, and a lack of operations personnel, Yimikang Loncomip introduces a multi-data center networking monitoring solution for enterprises at the national, provincial, and city levels. This solution empowers customers to comprehensively grasp the operational status of data center infrastructure at all levels, achieving unified monitoring, display, and alerting for the power environment of the connected data centers. By doing so, it truly improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures the safe and stable operation of data centers at all levels.

Performance & Features

Centralized Management

It achieves networked control of multi-level, multi-point data centers of various scales, with the number of network points reaching up to thousands;

Visually Appealing

It offers customization for monitoring interfaces;

Strong Compatibility

Standard interfaces are reserved for seamless integration with Yimikang software DCIM system;

Rapid Expansion

It uses a modular structure with flexible multi-level networking capabilities, enabling online expansion;

Application Scenarios

It is suitable for medium to large-scale, ultra-large-scale data centers, and large-scale networked monitoring management application scenarios