Service Solutions

On-site operation and maintenance service solution


The data center is a reflection of the core competitiveness of the enterprise. It is necessary to ensure the data center operates safely, reliably, and efficiently to support the normal business activities of the enterprise. In order to do a good job in the operation and maintenance management of the data center, Yimikang uses process management and monitoring tools to provide professional operation and maintenance services for the data center infrastructure and intelligent systems according to the ITSS operation and maintenance requirements, complying with the SLA service level agreement.
Yimikang's data center infrastructure management includes the management and maintenance of power supply and distribution system, building automation (BA) system, air conditioning and cooling system, security system, lightning protection and grounding system, fire protection system, and power environment monitoring system, ensuring the normal operation of the central computer room. It has accumulated rich experience and formed a mature and complete operation and maintenance service system and solutions through years of data center infrastructure construction, critical equipment research and development, infrastructure management system development, and infrastructure maintenance service, effectively ensuring the business stability and continuity of the data center.