E Series Energy Storage Container

Energy storage containers are advanced prefabricated integrated energy storage solutions that provide stable and reliable power supply for electrical equipment. They are enclosed in standard high-cube containers, with lithium iron phosphate batteries as the energy storage medium. Each container is a complete energy storage unit, including lithium-ion battery systems, power conversion systems, monitoring systems, fire protection systems, early warning systems, and other auxiliary systems. These units can operate independently and offer excellent waterproofing, earthquake resistance, anti-theft, and damage protection. This product has the advantages of high integration, high standardization, rich functionality, convenient transportation, and short on-site construction and commissioning periods.

Product Features

· Factory-prefabricated product, shipped as a complete unit after testing and commissioning, ensuring successful on-site startup;

· Supports rapid relocation and transportation;

· Supports rapid relocation and transportation;

· Integrated container design enables quick installation and deployment;

· The energy storage system features multi-level protection strategies to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Product Specifications



Lifespan:6,000 to 8,000 cycles

Product Components

Product Components

Container body

Lithium iron phosphate battery modules

Lithium battery monitoring system cabinet

Air/liquid-cooled air conditioning

Power distribution cabinet (isolation transformer)

Inverter power distribution cabinet

Fire protection products

Security products


Application Scenarios

Peak shaving and valley filling; emergency power supply; temporary power supply; frequency regulation to reduce the load on the power system; energy storage and conversion for new energy; data center backup power supply.