Centralink Data Center Management Platform

The Centralink Data Center Intelligent Management Platform utilizes an industry-leading smart operation and management platform, incorporating advanced technologies and management methodologies like artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and ITIL. This platform creates a unified data lake and management interface, allowing for global control over data center operations and facilitating organic collaboration and digital decision-making among people, tasks, and objects.

Product Features
  • 1 Seamless System Integration for a Global View

    It integrates various specialized systems, breaks down data barriers caused by information silos, and creates a unified, and centralized platform that covers the whole process of data center infrastructure to support daily operation and maintenance management tasks. It provides intelligent infrastructure support solutions and global decision-making perspectives for users through comprehensive data aggregation, smart processing and analysis, standardized process tracking, and rigorous process control across multiple dimensions.

  • 2 ntelligent Analysis Engine to support Emergency Response

    Featuring a built-in intelligent event analysis engine, the system filters out interference from related events and accurately identifies the root cause of failures. By consolidating experience into knowledge and managing it on a platform, the system assists in the determination and resolution of new issues, continuously reducing the difficulty of handling complex problems. And ultimately, it provides solid and reliable emergency support for the continuous and stable operation of data centers.

  • 3 Refined Resource Management for Efficient Utilization

    The system supports detailed resource data collection and display, and uses big data analysis technology to accurately predict resource utilization trends. With built-in algorithm models and intelligent strategies, it enables scientific and intelligent analysis of resource data. From the perspective of the whole business link, the system provides resource usage solutions tailored to specific scenarios, maximizing resource utilization while ensuring business availability and optimizing user's investment returns.

  • 4 Standardized Management for Orderly Operation and Maintenance

    The system is designed based on the best practices of data center operation and maintenance to standardize and streamline maintenance tasks. By digitizing management information, standardizing management processes, and visualizing management results, it ensures the orderly and compliant execution of maintenance work, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and quality of data center operations and maintenance.

  • 5 Elastic Performance Scaling for Smooth Function Upgrades

    The system platform adopts an advanced micro-services technology architecture, featuring high availability clusters and cloud deployment capabilities, allowing for online expansion of business capacity based on development needs. At the same time, based on top-level design concepts, the system offers a set of monitoring, management, operation, and maintenance functions covering the entire data center lifecycle. It supports flexible online upgrades, meeting the regulatory requirements of users at different stages for data center development.

Deployment Architecture