Data Center BIM

Based on 3D digital techniques, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology creates models according to detailed drawings and product dimensions provided by manufacturers. It integrates data from all stages of data center planning, design, construction, and operation into a visual 3D model, and establishes project management information through BIM applications. The Intelligent Engineering BIM Center has successfully combined BIM and VR technologies, and applied them to project marketing and on-site construction management.
By utilizing BIM software, overall project collaboration is enhanced to improve design efficiency across disciplines by approximately 20%. It helps avoid pipeline collisions, ensuring design quality and eliminating 40% of budget overruns due to changes. BIM also reduces human errors in construction drawings by 80%, and decreases rework, saving 30% of the project duration, and lowering contract prices by 10%.

Project Delivery Cases
Design Technical Capabilities
  • Extensive Experience

    Having executed over 20 data center BIM projects, our BIM team, as an industry leader, fully understands the design, construction, validation, and operation of data centers. Our services are professional and in-depth.

  • Triple Technical Background

    All BIM engineers are specialized design engineers, including expertise in power, low-voltage, HVAC, plumbing, and architecture, demonstrating a precise understanding of data center electromechanical systems combined with perfect BIM skills.

  • BIM2D&3D Design

    The model covers data center electrical, HVAC, low-voltage, plumbing, fire protection, and architectural decoration disciplines. We can deliver both 2D drawings and 3D models. The model supports equipment and material lists, collision detection, and post-construction project progress management.