Service Solutions
  • Smart City Solution

    A smart city utilizes new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, and spatial geographic information integration to promote intelligent urban planning, construction, management, and services.

    Yimikang's Smart City Solution leverages new-generation information technologies like IoT infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, and geographic spatial infrastructure, as well as tools and methods such as wikis, social networks, metasynthesis, and web-based multimedia communication terminals. This solution enables comprehensive perception, ubiquitous broadband connectivity, intelligent integrated applications, and sustainable innovation characterized by user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation, and collaborative innovation.

  • Smart Rural Town Solution

    The Smart Rural Town Solution aims to build digital, intelligent, and networked rural towns by integrating advanced information and communication technologies into various aspects of economic development, industrial upgrading, resource management, as well as people's wellbeing and social security.

    This solution applies information and network technologies in combination with the specific needs of rural towns, developing new management and service models. By collecting authorized geographic, satellite imagery, video surveillance, and basic management information of rural towns, a digital and intelligent management system is established for the companies and institutions in the area. The solution aims to create an integrated approach that encompasses population information management, rural "three-capital" management, fire protection and forest fire monitoring management, public security management, environmental protection and comprehensive management of rural towns, and smart healthcare systems.