iADU Intelligent Asset Detection Unit

The iADU Asset Detection Unit is the industry's smallest U-level asset management device. It primarily monitors the asset information and micro-environment status inside the cabinet in real-time. Combined with effective operation and maintenance management methods, it enables efficient management of assets throughout their entire lifecycle, maximizing data center resource utilization. This helps data center users significantly improve efficiency and reduce asset maintenance costs.

Product Features
  • 1 Digitizing the Asset Information

    Intelligent devices are used to achieve digital information and improve management efficiency;

  • 2 Real-time Online Asset Detection

    Infrastructure assets can be monitored online through software platform to enhance detection efficiency;

  • 3 U-level Asset Positioning

    It can act together with IT monitoring and basic power environment monitoring systems to enable rapid and accurate identification of faulty equipment within cabinets, thus improving troubleshooting efficiency;

  • 4 Real-time Asset Inventory

    Based on iADU, the system can automatically calibrate the asset location on the rack and perform one-click inventory of online cabinet settings as per schedule or on-demand, significantly reducing the workload for maintenance staff;

  • 5 Light Display for U-level Asset Status

    Seven-color indicator lights display the corresponding U-level management status, reminding maintenance staff to carry out relevant operation and maintenance activities;

  • 6 Integrated Asset Capacity Management

    Global control of cabinet space capacity, which can be combined with other capacity data to maximize resource utilization;

  • 7 Micro-environment Monitoring

    By using built-in temperature and humidity sensors, the system can detect the cabinet micro-environment, construct cloud maps with 3D visualization technology, and assist the management system in achieving refined energy-saving optimization management;

Deployment Architecture