Micro-module Monitoring System

The Micro-module Monitoring Solution is an integrated monitoring and management product designed for modular data centers. It features data collection, processing, storage, display, alarm, control, upload, and management capabilities, enabling digital monitoring, analysis, and management of comprehensive infrastructure information in micro-module data center scenarios.

Product Features

Collection: Collecting data from various devices and facilities through different interface protocols

Processing: Unified data processing to build business-oriented data models

Storage: Local storage capabilities, supporting data backup and restoration

Display: Visual large-screen display, supporting web and mobile app display

Alarm: Local alarm analysis capabilities, supporting various alarm notification methods

Monitoring: Centralized monitoring, historical trend viewing, alarm inquiry, and other functions of equipment and facilities

Business: Alarm management, linkage management, access control management, video management, report management, energy efficiency display, etc.

Upload: Providing standard northbound interfaces for interconnectivity with upper-level platforms

Deployment Architecture