SCD Constant Humdity Unit

Yimikang's SCD Constant Humdity Unit adheres to the design philosophy of environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligent technology, and safety and reliability. It uses a wet film misting humidification method, characterized by low energy consumption, fine atomized particles, and uniform humidity distribution. It is widely used in various fields with high environmental humidity requirements, such as communication server rooms, switch rooms, pharmaceutical workshops, electronic factories, archives, libraries, and museums, and has been highly recognized by customers. The humidification and dehumidification capacities can be combined according to user's different needs to meet customer requirements for server room humidity control.
Product Model: Humidification capacity range covers 9 kg/h to 24 kg/h, dehumidification capacity range covers 6 kg/h to 13 kg/h, and both the capacities can be expanded according to user needs.

Features & Strengths

Isoenthalpic humidification for low humidification power;

Equipped with a Copeland compressor for high reliability;

High-efficiency wet film for high humidification efficiency and good water-saving performance;

Integrated design with no outdoor unit, ensuring quick installation;

7-inch touch screen with a user-friendly interface;

Built-in R485 standard monitoring interface, with optional multiple monitoring modes;

Environment-friendly R410A refrigerant;

Low energy consumption: Wet film humidification for low energy consumption;

Easy installation: Integrated humidification and dehumidification structural design, free from the troublesome to connect indoor and outdoor units;

Intelligent control: Absolute humidity control, avoiding ineffective humidification and dehumidification;

Safety and reliability: Specially designed for data center environments, with MTBF ≥ 100,000 hours;

Low OPEX: No water quality requirements, with the wet film''s self-cleaning function and an intelligent water replacement function, ensuring low maintenance costs for the unit.