YMK Contributes to High-efficiency and Low-carbon Data Center Practices at IDCExpo



On June 14-16, IDCE 2023 Data Center Industry Exhibition was held in Shanghai, YMK Technology Group, as a service provider of green solutions for the whole life cycle of digital infrastructure, brought the high-efficiency and low-carbon data center practices to the exhibition.

In the digital era, data center has become one of the main driving forces for social development, and it has also become recognized as a high-energy-consuming industry, so how to build and run a green data center is the focus of the industry's attention. In the session on green and low-carbon technologies for data centers, Xiang Wen, solution manager of YMK, shared with the guests YMK’s realization path in building green and efficient data centers from the dimensions of efficient products, efficient design and efficient engineering.


YMK has been deeply engaged in data center refrigeration for more than 20 years, and has accumulated perfect refrigeration technology and product system. In the control layer, YMK’s self-developed E-Management easy-control technology helps to effectively improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

At the product level, YMK has developed a wide range of refrigerant pump cooling products to extend the energy-saving mode and optimize the energy efficiency. In the field of liquid cooling, with controllable self-manufacturing capability, fast and flexible R&D and production, YMK has launched the liquid cooling solutions to adapt to the increasing rack power density of data centers and to create a high-efficiency cooling system with PUE <1.15.


In the construction stage, YMK uses BIM modeling to split the system and prefabrication to realize engineering productization, providing prefabricated IT modules, prefabricated cold source modules, prefabricated power modules and other services to improve construction speed, help users quickly deploy data centers and realize green construction of data centers.

IDCExpo has come to an end, but YMK's low-carbon solution is always on the way. Through products, design, engineering, monitoring and other multi-faceted solutions, YMK provides customers with one-stop, highly reliable infrastructure services for building green data centers. In the future, we will continue to provide excellent solutions and energy-saving products to build intelligent, low-carbon and sustainable green data centers together with our customers.

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