YMK Showcases Its Flagship Products at Data Centre World Asia 2023


YMK, as a full lifecycle solutions providerof digital infrastructure, brings 3 flagship product lines of PAC, Micro DataCentre and DCIM to Data Centre World Asia 2023, Asia's largest Data Centreevent held in Marina Bay Sands Singapore from October 11 to 12, showcasing itshighly reliable data center infrastructure to clients from the Asia Pacificmarkets.


As an influential industrial exhibition inAsia, Data Centre World Asia 2023 attracts thousands of visitors by linking industrialexperts, KOLs and cutting-edge technological solutions; probes for the trends, challenges,and opportunities of the rapidly developing data centre industry. YMK'sinfrastructure solutions catches the spotlight of the event.

In this exhibition, YMK showcases variousproducts, A Series All-in-one MDC, Fan Wall, Compact PAC for small serverrooms, Centralink data centre intelligent management platform, etc., appeals tovisitors with different demands for exchanges.


On October 12, YMK’s Director of OverseasMarket, Mr. Fu Yuxian, delivers a themed speech on "ICT CriticalInfrastructure Solutions" at the "Efficiency and Sustainability Theatre",elaborating how YMK's solutions, consist of cooling system, micro data centre,and DCIM, ensure data centers’ smooth operation for clients.


He said that the surging big data industryposes a tough challenge on the reliability of data centre infrastructure, onlyhighly reliable infrastructure tackles it. YMK offers clients practicalsolutions to enhance data center’s reliability that is applicable comprehensivelyin all industries.

• thermal management solutions fordifferent scenarios and customizable energy-efficient cooling products;

• an integrated solutions matrix consist ofmicro modules, intelligent cabinets, containers and outdoor cabinets to boostthe construction of data centers efficiently;

• one-stop solutions of intelligentmanagement that adapt to projects of different scales, scenarios and demands,consisting of power & environment monitoring, DCIM, DCOM, small andmicro-monitoring, and intelligent temperature controller for base stations, allbased on the experiential methodology of infrastructure operation andmaintenance management, as well as its practice in more than 10,000comprehensive scenarios.

The prior feature of YMK's solutions is clients-centered,all the products are customizable for clients from different regions. Forexample, the air-cooled precision air-conditioners and fan wall productsexhibited are widely applicable to tropical Asia-Pacific countries, such asSingapore and Malaysia etc.


Data Centre World Asia 2023 in Singapore isagain a wonderful debut of YMK to go beyond the domestic market, reaching AsiaPacific. With the mission of "Escalating Green Computing Power, ChangingSmart Energy Efficiency", YMK will continue to develop overseas marketsand bring the preferred digital infrastructure solutions with both qualityproducts and services to global clients.

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